OpTempo with Marine Veteran Matt Harden

201: OpTempo with Marine Veteran Matt Harden

Are you into firearms and tactical training? On this episode, Joe Crane features OpTempo with Marine Veteran Matt Harden. Matt has gone a long way from the military and into law enforcement to share with you his expertise in the field. Tune in!


“I got all these skills and know some good people, why don’t we put something together and get some training out there.” – Matt Harden on having the vision to start his own agency

From the Military to Law Enforcement

Matt entered the military in 1993 and started as a communications electronics technician. He found his calling in the Marines during his deployment to Panama.


After 11 years of service, he transitioned into the civilian world and went to finish his college degree. He ended up considering law enforcement.

Seizing the Vision

It was not an easy transition for Matt. He is thankful that a friend helped him in the process.


After his training, he served in various career positions. He experienced being a patrol officer as well as a firearms instructor. His knowledge, skills and experiences equipped him to start his own firearms and tactical training agency.

On the Go with OpTempo

Matt desires the best for those who enrol in his program. As he said, things change — the years, the tactics, the weapons. So, he does what he could to get involved in outside trainings and in other ways to learn, improve, and stay updated with the industry.        


To hear from Matt Harden and learn about his unique training program, download and listen to this episode.


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Guest Bio Matt Harden

Matt Harden is a U.S. Marine Corps infantry veteran, who found his way to law enforcement after returning home from Iraq. Since starting in law enforcement Matt has joined the SWAT team, became a sniper, and now runs his agency’s firearms program.


He recently launched his own firearms and tactical training business, OpTempo Training Group, with a goal of providing reality based training to professionals and civilians alike.

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