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Veteran On The Move: Our Vision

Joe Crane here, founder and host of Veteran On the Move podcast. Your pathfinder to freedom, guiding veterans in their transition to entrepreneurship. I interview today’s most influential people in the world of entrepreneurship.

Veteran On The Move is all about promoting the ideas, tools and resources available to today’s entrepreneurs.  We want to help you find the tools and resources needed to start your own entrepreneurial journey.

Veteran on the Move, or Veteran OM, features interviews with veteran entrepreneurs, start-ups, educators, experts and information on tools and resources for all entrepreneurs.  Hear the stories of entrepreneurs that have had success and failure, listen as they pass on their experience, knowledge and wisdom so you can propel your business to new heights.

We also feature military veteran entrepreneurs and subjects specifically focused on programs and training for our veterans to successfully transition to entrepreneurship. We interview experts from some of the best entrepreneurship schools, finance experts, accountants, patent attorneys, marketing gurus and any other specialists that can provide valuable knowledge for the entrepreneur.

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Resources page

Our Resources page is for you. You will find descriptions and links to the products and resources Veteran On the Move recommends.

Veteran On the Move FAQs

Want to learn more about Veteran On the Move? Check out our Veteran On the Move FAQs

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