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Ascension Mentorship Leadership Academy for those who Live to Lead & Serve with Army Veteran Albert Winks

158: Ascension Mentorship with Albert Winks On today’s episode, Joe Crane discusses Ascension Mentorship with Albert Winks. After his years in the military, Albert decided to start his own consulting business. He offers help to entrepreneurs and business owners in creating and strengthening their connections and networking. Tune in to learn about his fascinating program, and find out how you can avail of the discounts. Experience in the Military Albert started in the infantry in the late [Read More]


Turning the Need to Save at the Grocery Store into a Thriving Online Business with Navy Veteran Josh Elledge

157: Savings Angel and upendPR with Navy Veteran Josh Elledge Love discounts and saving money? Or, are you in need of good public relations? On today’s episode of Veteran on the Move, Joe Crane interviews Josh Elledge of Savings Angel and upendPR. Tune in to learn where you can get the best savings deals and boost your business with media coverage. Meet Josh Elledge Josh Elledge is the Founder and Chief Executive Angel of SavingsAngel.com®, and is one of the nation’s leading experts on [Read More]


7-Eleven is Looking for Veterans to Join Their Franchise Team Army Veteran Chris Beyer

156: Franchising with 7-Eleven Army Veteran Chris Beyer Want to change your game plan? On today’s episode, Joe Crane discusses franchising with 7-Eleven Army Veteran Chris Beyer. Chris has been working with 7-Eleven for over 30 years. At present, the company is offering a structured franchise business that’s great for veterans and their families. Tune in to know how you too could get into franchising! Meet Chris Beyer Chris Beyer is a Franchise Sales Representative for 7-Eleven with current [Read More]


Veteran and military spouse employment, education, and entrepreneurship with Erika Heeren

155: Military Spouse Employment Erika Heeren Heeren Content & Strategy On today’s episode, Joe Crane interviews Erika Heeren. Erika is the President and Creative Director at Heeren Content & Strategy, a local boutique public relations firm. She has been in the marketing and public relations industries for 14 years. Tune in and learn how about her outstanding services! Marketing with Quality Content Erika specializes on integrated media spanning 16 different industries. She works [Read More]

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Turning Navy Advancement Exams into a Thriving Business with Navy Sailor Jonny Coreson

154: Blue Jacketeer Jonny Coreson On today’s episode, Blue Jacketeer Jonny Coreson, Joe Crane talks to active duty US Navy sailor, Jonny Coreson. Jonny comes from a small town in Alaska and is the founder of Blue Jacketeer. He and his partners take an innovative approach to Navy advancement exam prep. Using science and technology they are taking over the market in helping sailors advance in their careers.    Jonny in the Navy Jonny is currently active duty and has been in just under 10 years. [Read More]

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