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Bunker Labs Chairman Army Veteran Doug McCormick

200: Bunker Labs Chairman Doug McCormick Doug McCormick has gone from being on active duty, to having an MBA at Harvard, to being an employee at a Wall Street investment bank, to being a private equity investor and finally now as entrepreneur. Here he shares with us the different programs and opportunities they have for veterans at Bunker Labs. Tune in! "The vision of Bunker Labs is that every veteran in America has access to the community, the network, and the resources to realize their [Read More]


Ending Veteran Suicide with MilSpouse Sarah Dale

199: Ending Veteran Suicide New Rosie with Sarah Dale Sarah Dale founded New Rosie with the mission to empower veteran families online. Tune in to her story and how she is ending veteran suicide with the organization. "A lot of people don't realize that it's not that people are dying on the homefront; they are dying on that journey to get help." - Sarah Dale Help for the Injured Heroes Sarah's husband served in the Missouri Army National Guard for 13 years. He was deployed to different [Read More]


Echo in Ramadi with Marine Veteran Scott Huesing

198: Echo in Ramadi with Marine Scott Huesing Discover the story of Echo Company, 2d Battalion, 4th Marines in one of the world's historic fights. Listen to Joe Crane as he features Echo in Ramadi with Marine Scott Huesing. Tune in! "There is no such thing as combat leadership; it's just leadership. You either lead or do not lead." - Scott Huesing Service in the Marine Corps Scott enlisted in the Marines in 1989. During his 24 years in service, he became a commissioned officer and got [Read More]


How to Get Started Writing Your Book with G. Michael Hopf

197: 21 Books and over 1 Million Sold G. Michael Hopf Interested in becoming a writer? In this episode, Joe Crane interviews Marine Corps Veteran G. Michael Hopf. Michael is the bestselling author of 21 books. Listen and learn from his story!   "People who have found success don’t just sit around and wait... Just write and start doing it." - G. Michael Hopf Experience in the Military Michael enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1989, and his experiences changed his life. He enrolled in [Read More]

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Temple Massager for PTSD by Army Veteran Joe Meisch

196: Temple Massager for PTSD by Army Veteran Joe Meisch Relieve muscle tension and migraines with the Temple Massager for PTSD by Army Veteran Joe Meisch. Through this relaxing tool, Joe is able to help support service members and military veterans. Tune in and learn where you can purchase a Massager and help the community!      "If you keep driving forward and keep going, people will join you." - Mahatma Gandhi Temple Massager for PTSD Joe served for about 13 years in the [Read More]

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