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Kids That Code Turing School of Software and Design with Air Force Veteran George Hudson

Episode 128: George Hudson is a former United States Air Force sergeant turned software programmer. The military taught George leadership, organizational skills, and the importance of continuous professional training. He made the switch to computer programming to spend more time with his family and open the door for more opportunity. George launched Kids Who Code at the Turing School of Software and Design in 2015. - Kids that code - Teach for America Veterans - Scratch language my MIT to teach [Read More]


Command Your Transition with Coast Guard Veteran Travis Collier

127: Travis Collier has spent his career immersed in the Coast Guard’s military training system. He holds a Master’s in Instructional & Performance Technology from Boise State University, has trained over 650 foreign nationals in 19 nations, led three of the US Coast Guard’s apprentice training programs (including the culinary training program), and helped develop small boat engineering and coxswain training programs for the Republic of Georgia Coast Guard. Travis recently returned from [Read More]


Warrior Soul Apparel with Marine Veteran Chris Albert

126:  Marine Veteran Chris Albert founded Warrior Soul to inspire veterans.   Shirts that inspire you and others to be the best versions of themselves.  After leaving the Marine Corps in 2005, Chris says he was "hiding from his own dreams" and stayed in school working towards his PHD.  Eventually, after a lost decade, Chris deciding to follow his dreams and opened his own gym in California.  Through entrepreneurial success and failure Chris found his way into the online business arena initially [Read More]


Get Coding Now with Operation Code Army Veteran and Founder David Molina

125: An accomplished military officer, entrepreneur, and self-taught developer, David is the Founder & Executive Director of Operation Code, a coding 501(c)(3) nonprofit that helps active military, guard & reserve citizen soldiers, veterans and their families learn to code and build software to change the world. After a decade of service in uniform, David founded Operation Code when he couldnt use his New GI Bill to go to code school to become a software developer and build his dream web [Read More]

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PT Pal Gives PT patients an app instead of paper with Founder Naveen Khan

Naveen Khan is the Founder and CEO of Pt Pal, she has been building innovative and simple solutions using technology throughout her career. Prior to inventing Pt Pal Naveen was a director at a world-class orthopedic hospital. Pt Pal is her second technology company, her first is a leader in innovations as well. Prior to launching her first technology she was a trial consultant and worked with Fortune 500 companies, consulting on over 200 multi-million dollar cases. Before trial consulting she [Read More]

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