Purchase an Existing Business utilizing the SBA with Marine Veteran Rocky Hobbs

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177: How to Purchase an Existing Business with Marine Veteran Rocky Hobbs
On today’s episode, Joe Crane discusses How to Purchase an Existing Business with Marine Veteran Rocky Hobbs. Rocky served in the military for more than two decades. He is now the owner of Innovative Business Services, a warehouse and fulfillment center. Tune in!

“Do something that is going to make you happy, do research, and look at all avenues. Because if you are happy, more likely your business is going to be successful.” – Rocky Hobbs
Into the World of Business
Rocky held different positions during his 22 years of service in the Marine Corps. He retired as an active reserve marine in 2014.

That’s when he ventured into commercial and residential real estate. He saw how different businesses worked because of his experiences. Eventually, he was able to purchase an existing company which still thrives to this day.
Available Loan Programs
Rocky went through small business administration to get a loan. He shares how veterans can avail discounts for it. There are a number of programs that military vets may consider and enjoy.

One program is the Express Loan, where you can have up to $350,000 to start a business. You may also choose to use the 7a SBA Loan if you want more than $350,000. Rocky is willing to help anyone who wishes to know more about the process.
Advantages of Purchasing an Existing Business via Loan
Getting a loan to purchase an existing business gave Rocky a huge advantage. The business was already well established and has been running for 21 years.

That made it easy for him to earn. It was also easier because he no longer had to create a business plan. According to him, there are multiple areas that you can work on and get help for.

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