“Joe brings the HEAT in this Podcast =)  Veterans near and far… tune into this show… its ON FIRE!” ~ John Lee Dumas, Entrepreneuronfire.com

“Wow, this is a Veteran podcast on the MOVE!  This is a GREAT resource for veterans!  I truly believe that the skills and abilities that our veterans possess make them great candidates for entrepreneurship.  Keep up the great work Joe!  Semper Fi!” ~ Frank Gustafson, Oneboldmove.com

“Joe interviews some Great Veterans on the Move!  Thanks Joe for dedicating a show for military veterans.  Great to hear stories of amazing veterans who have transitioned to entrepreneurship and business.” ~ Anthony Tran, Marketingaccesspass.com

“Veterans – This is perfect for you.  This is a great podcast for veterans or really anyone one the move in their business or change of life.  Lots of great information and stories.  Look forward to more episodes.” ~ Alex Harris, Alexdesigns.com

“Joe’s on a mission to help other Veterans crush the next phase of their lives.  His interviews are both inspiring and useful with a wide range of guests that will help veterans see the wide range of potential that’s available to them as they enter this next phase of their lives.  A must listen for Veterans on the move!” ~ DG Gregory, Secondhalfcomeback.com

“Valuable stuff for veterans becoming entrepreneurs.  Great stories about veterans transitioning from military life to civilian life, finding themselves on the path to entrepreneurship.  The stories are motivational and practical for helping other veterans, or even civilians.” ~ Joshua Rivers, Qualitylivingsimple.com  

“I was a guest veteran entrepreneur on the veteran on the move podcast and enjoyed my conversation with Joe. Joe has created a great platform for other successful veteran preneurs to share their stories. Listening to other veterans is inspirational and informative. Veterans on the move is a awesome organization that provide you the veteran with relevant resources. Thank you again Joe for having me on as a quest.” ~ Dylan Raymond, Civilianside.com

“You won’t meet a nicer, more dedicated, more motivated person that wants to help people, especially veterans, to get going in a successful transition into civilian entrepreneurship and eventually career success.  Joe is the real deal.” ~ Neil

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