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192: A Creative Way to Fix Your Smartphone and Tablet with Lance Frank

Air Force veteran Lance Frank is the Founder of Mighty Fixer, a multi-platform and entertainment company. Listen how he transitioned from the military to a different industry, and discover a creative way to fix your smartphone and tablet. Tune in!

“Take initiative. Nothing’s going to happen if we sit around.” – Lance Frank on the most important lesson he learned from the military

Service in the Air Force

Lance served in the military from 1998 to 2002. He was part of the Air Force security force, which was referred to as one of the most feared units because of their unpredictability.

Pursuing Dreams

Lance always wanted to be a business owner. He already thought about opening a clothing store when he’d transition out.


But, September 11 came that time and he became a Federal Air Marshal. Later on, he got into an accident and broke his foot. That opened the door for him to move to Los Angeles and pursue what he wanted to do.

Into the Entertainment Industry

While in Los Angeles, Lance worked as a film extra. That was how he met a technical adviser who taught him about the industry.

He gave Lance the opportunity to become a part of the set for a specific film. A couple more opportunities opened to him afterwards.

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