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186: Revolutionizing How Vets Transition Into the Civilian Job Market with Luke Jenkins
On today’s episode, Joe Crane talks about Revolutionizing How Vets Transition Into the Civilian Job Market with Luke Jenkins. Luke graduated from West Point Academy and co-founded the social enterprise called OweYaa. They help veterans undergo training and match them with companies through online internship. Tune in!

“We simplify the process for the company and that really brings them another aspect …They get the personalized match and we’re handling everything for them.” – Luke Jenkins

Solution to Veteran Unemployment

Luke graduated from WestPoint in 2016. But while he was there, he was awarded a research project. Their aim was to find a solution to veteran unemployment, which was 17% higher that time.

They found three causes for the unemployment: 1) mismatched skillsets, 2) the veteran’s lack of civilian work experience, and 3) cultural misconceptions and barriers.

Their research led them to start the project-based internship called OweYaa.

Introducing Online Internship for Veterans

OweYaa helps transitioning veterans get internships. They help them with training, coding camps, marketing courses, and others in any line of interest.

The internship is online so that veterans can enjoy working anywhere in the world.

Veteran Challenges to Overcome

Despite the hiring initiatives, Luke acknowledges that there is still a huge gap to be filled. One challenge is the bad experiences that smaller companies had from veterans.

There is also the issue of underemployment. A number of veterans end up in a less fulfilling job.

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